Holy Grail City

This is our pre-launch! Create your page, host it on our servers or download it and host it on yours.
The template requires no coding to create your page! Just complete a short form, and, voila, your page is ready!
It is THE most responsive holy grail template available. You can see a demo of it using a link below. Loads of great features!

Includes a great modal popup link, too!

A modal popup is an excellent way to keep your visitors further engaged. Use ours to present more engaging information or a call to action!
You don't have to do anything to make it work. It's built-in. One of the other fields you'll learn about... a hidden field that appears below the center main presentation section ... has the link wrapped around it. There are fields to populate the content of the modal, as well. So the text you enter for the link and the modal content should relate.

Complete a Form and You're Up and Running

No coding required! The "Holy Grail Template" has many potential layouts, and is, typically, difficult to code and make fully responsive. However, ours is the classic layout that consists of a heading, left and right columns, a center main presentation section with at least two areas, a sticky footer, and is totally responsive.

Beyond that... What's so great about our template? Read below to find out, and learn what you need to do to prepare to complete the form, and create your page.


Steps to prepare for form completion...

Fields on our form that are indicated as some type of heading (H1, etc.) should be entered as straight text. Other fields are basic paragraphical fields and HTML is allowed. You can theoretically use HTML in heading fields, as well, but you may find yourself having to do more manual editing after page creation if you do that.

You will need to decide if you will host your page or if you want us to host it. Currently, during our pre-launch, there is no charge for hosting. If you don't have a domain name or website, we can help with that. Start by deciding on an SEO page title, SEO description, and gather your SEO keywords and phrases.

You will need to decide on a filename for your page. You can always rename it later. When you enter that name in the appropriate field on our form, do not add any extension (.html, .php, etc.) ... just the filename.

Page Top Heading

The page's top heading consists of 2 lines of H1 text. Each line is up to 90 characters long. For good SEO, your domain name, page title, and heading text should all contain one or more of your top keywords or phrases.

Left Column Prep

The left column has 3 sections; top, middle, and bottom.

  • The left site top text is H4 heading text, and can hold up to 80 characters.
  • The left site middle text is H5 heading text, and can hold up to 100 characters.
  • The left site bottom text is paragraphical text, can hold up to 600 characters, and allows HTML. We typically use this area for an unordered list of bullet points.

Video Ready Template

This template is video enabled. You will need the entire embed code string. You will paste it into the appropriate field in the form. It will be automatically edited to allow autoplay, controls, and to prevent suggestions or other videos appearing at the end.

We have built this template to create a page for you with no coding necessary. It is designed for Youtube videos, and the code you enter in our form must, therefore, be a youtube embed string. However, others can be made to work with a little post page creation editing, if you're so inclined. For instance, after page creation, you could edit the page to use a straight MP4 video, a vimeo file, or some other video.

Hidden Text

  1. There is a line of hidden text that appears under the video on a timer, the delay for which you can set.
  2. Your auto-responder form (more on this below) also appears when your timer runs out.
  3. The delay you set in your timer forces the visitor to watch a certain amount of your video.
  4. Therefore, you should make the text you use here as meaningful a call to action as possible!

Right Column Prep

The right column has 3 sections; top, middle, and bottom.

  • The right site top text is paragraphical text, and can hold up to 128 characters. HTML is allowed here.
  • The right site middle area is where you put the Javascript for your Aweber lead capture form. It doesn't have to be an Aweber form. Any company's form code should work here, as long as it is pure HTML or Javascript.
  • The right site bottom text is paragraphical text, and can hold up to 128 characters. HTML is allowed here.

Page Footer

The page's footer area allows 2 lines of text. The total size of this field is 128 characters. Typically you would put your copyright and address information here with an HTML line break tag between them so the copyright appears on the 1st line and the address information on the 2nd line, but you can do whatever you like. Having your address here helps meet anti-spam requirements.

You do not absolutely have to use ANY HTML coding to create your page, but you might want to use some limited HTML to enhance the appearance of "some" of your text. Here is a link to a simple tutorial page that provides examples of the minimum amount of HTML you most likely would need here, so you don't have to learn HTML. While you won't need it to create your page, you might want to learn a little more HTML and/or CSS (style formatting) for later enhancement of your page, should you desire. If you would like to learn more about HTML, click here for a great place to start.

Modal Popup

A Modal Popup window is a child window that requires users to interact with it before they can return to the main page. Modal popups often have a different appearance than normal pages, and are typically without navigation buttons or menu items. It is the next thing you will need to consider content for as you create your page by completing our form.

The modal popup we have included in our template for your page is activated by clicking on the hidden call to action text that appears under the video once your timer settings have run out. The hidden text provides an automatic link to open the popup. When clicked, the popup appears and includes a heading and 2 lines of text. The heading is HTML H2 heading text up to 80 characters in length. The 1st line of text under the heading is small text with a 40 character limit. The 2nd and last line of text is paragraphical text and intended to be 2 lines separated by an HTML line break tag. The total length is up to 185 characters. You should use this as an additional, stronger call to action. Not everyone that visits your page will click on the link that opens the modal popup, but if they do, it should provice additional emotional motivation to complete your auto-responder form.

To see a real page built by our form, click this link.

In Closing

There are 3 versions of our Holy Grail Template available. Version 1 is the basic template, and works great for any basic product, service, opportunity, or offer. It includes the video presentation capability using a Youtube embed. If you don't already have a Youtube video to use, we recommend Movavi Studio. We also like Cyberlink's YouCam 7 and TechSmith's Camtasia, as well.

We have a Youtube Cheat Sheet that will help you find an available video for your particular niche. You will receive it free when you join us here.

Our Version 2 template takes the basic template to another level. It is called, the "Holy Background" template, and provides all the basic template provides plus a fixed full screen background image.

Version 3 is called the "Holy Video" template, and goes still further by providing all that version 1 and 2 provide plus a full screen background video capability!

We also have a special package that includes all 3 templates (versions 1, 2, and 3). It is called, the "Holy Enchilada".

All these options come with a Personal Use Only license. You can use them on any site you like; personal or commercial, but you cannot give away nor resell these templates! You can also make any changes to the templates that you like EXCEPT you cannot remove our copyright!

To complete our form for the version 2 template, you will need to decide on a background image and have it available for upload. The upload capability is built in to the setup process.

To complete the form for our version 3 template, you will still need a background image, but also a background video in 3 formats; mp4, webm, and ogv ... so your video will play on most devices of any size. Again, upload capability is built in. The form fields for these items are...

  1. Background Graphic Filename
  2. Background Webm Movie Filename
  3. Background Mp4 Movie Filename
  4. Background Ogv Movie Filename

Do not enter any path information, just a file name like "background.jpg", or "video1.webm", etc.


ID Name Description Price
00001 Holy Grail Template This is our basic, fully responsive, feature-rich template. $7.00
00002 Holy Background This is our beta Holy Grail Template with full screen background image. $14.00
00003 Holy Video This is our beta Holy Grail Template with full screen background image and background video. $17.00
00004 Holy Enchilada The whole package; our basic template, plus both our full screen background image AND full screen background video beta templates. This would be $38.00 if purchased separately, but ONLY $27.00 if purchased as our complete pre-launch, beta package! $27.00
Have a video to use, but only in mp4 format or one of the other formats and need it converted to all 3 formats; webm, mp4, and ogv? We can do that for you at no charge during our pre-launch beta program IF you buy the "Holy Enchilada"! Just email us at [email protected] with your request.

Also, should you need background images, audio files, or video clips that are royalty free, please see VideoBlocks.com.

Have Questions?

You can ask questions or make requests per the information above using the form below.
You can also email us directly through whatever email program or service you use. In that case, send emails to [email protected]